Graphic Design for Events & Conferences

CLIENT: Qualcomm BREW Developers Conference

INDUSTRY: Wireless Information


To present a vibrant but consistent look and yet not be dull or repetitive, throughout a wide range of materials, including guides, programs, signage and structures. After a successful collaboration in 2004, a year of tight budgets had forced Qualcomm’s event management company to outsource to another graphic designer in 2005. Unfortunately, the vendor was inexperienced in event design and could not cope with the inevitable changing content and shifting deadlines. This resulted in poor design, less up-to-date content, and incredible frustration on the part of the client.


Coda Creative was brought back to maximize a visual design theme for Qualcomm in a way that would be exciting, lively and playful, resonating with the progressive and inventive conference audience. While maintaining an overall consistent look, Coda was able to bring in a strong, individualistic and energetic feel by treating the various materials, such as programs and placards, as separate design pieces. Coda kept the design flexible so that content could be plugged in at the last minute, saving the client revisions cycles and avoiding frustration. By utilizing digital printing, the pieces could be sent to print later allowing for more up-to-date on-site content.


Quite simply, better design with higher impact. For the attendees – developers who create games and applications for use on cell phones – the visual experience was as fun, innovative and cool as the user experiences they create. Coda Creative produced a vibrant, action-oriented look that was cohesive without being monotonous. Coda Creative’s event experience and understanding of printing and fulfillment allowed us to suggest format changes that enabled Qualcomm to save money. In fact there was enough budget left over to add an additional on-site piece that was digitally printed to save fulfillment time and accommodate just-in-time content. The client was so pleased with the results that they have rehired Coda every year since then.