Graphic Design & Brand Identity Case Studies

CLIENT: The Robert Toigo Foundation

INDUSTRY: Non-Profit


The Robert Toigo Foundation is a successful non-profit organization that promotes exceptional minority business graduates within the finance industry. Coda Creative was asked to create a new Brand and Identity System that would work for this progressive organization's high-profile successes as well as appeal to partners in the conservative high-powered financial industry.


Coda Creative worked collaboratively with Toigo and its staff to get input on a look and feel that would strike a balance between two very different styles. Once the new logo and stationery design were established, Coda Creative did a complete redesign of their web site, a series of print advertisements, a quarterly newsletter, case studies, and invitations to events including fundraisers, recruiting events, benefactor recognition galas and more.


The new identity reflects the values of the non-profit organization while projecting a powerful, professional image its more conservative financial partners find reassuring. By securing input along the way, Coda Creative was able to create a contemporary design aesthetic that was neither too corporate, nor too informal. As well, the participatory approach enabled Coda to get it right the first time, saving time and money.