Graphic Design & Brand Identity Case Studies

CLIENT: Wells Fargo Bank

INDUSTRY: Financial


To work within Wells Fargo’s established graphic design guidelines regarding color, usage, typefaces and images and yet create an identity for the company’s new payroll service that would increase its visibility among small business owners. The identity had to ensure that the service’s benefits and features could be easily explained by salespeople and intuitively understood by the prospective client.


Coda Creative researched the Wells Fargo brand to determine which elements needed to remain consistent and where more flexibility was allowed. We selected images with vast expanses of sky so that the copy could be layered on top of them, creating a feeling of movement and openness while ensuring that the copy would still be very legible and easy to follow. To help readers identify with the new services, Coda Creative researched and used photos of small business owners going about their work tasks in their shops, from a variety of fields.


Coda Creative has created a set of lively, appealing and “brand true” brochures, folders, booth designs and posters for Wells Fargo. We were able to deliver a consistent look throughout the pieces, and yet ensure that none of the images were too similar to one another. By choosing a wide array of photos that included a variety of ethnicities as well as showing both men and women, Coda Creative fostered an inclusive, welcoming feel that would appeal to a variety of small business owners – regardless of background or industry.